Pets Accepted – Restrictions apply (inquire for details)

  1. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age or emancipated minor.
  2. Two years of employment history will be verified. Length of employment and job stability are considered.
  3. Two years of residence history will be verified.  Payment record and compliance with apartment rental agreement are considered.  Prior eviction records will automatically disqualify applicant.  Rental verification from family members is not accepted. If applicants have no prior rental history, at the discretion of management, a $200 increase in the Security Deposit may be accepted.
  4. Credit and Criminal background screening will be verified through a credit reporting agency. Adverse reports such as delinquent accounts, unpaid judgments, and felony convictions within the past seven years will disqualify the applicant.  Bankruptcy records must be at least three years old and there must be accounts in good standing established after the –end of the bankruptcy proceedings.
  5. Applicant must have a monthly income of three times the amount of the monthly rent.  Salary, wages or other sources of income must be verifiable. A Ratio of 33% rent to income and a 55% debt to income ratio or better is required. The debt estimate is the monthly rent plus the scheduled estimated payment showing on the credit report.
  6. Co-signers will not be accepted.
  7. If Self-Employed, tax returns will be required.
  8. If applicant does not have a social security number, the applicant must provide a government issued photo identification card, such as a passport, or other similar identification card sufficient to establish their identity.
  9. Applicants must promptly provide all verification documentation or Landlord may deem application abandoned after 48 hours, unless otherwise agreed.
  10. Reasonable accommodations will be considered for persons with disabilities.

Renter’s Insurance
All applicants will need to carry a standard renter’s insurance policy from a recognized insurance firm of their choice.  All applicants must acquire and maintain a coverage policy throughout their tenancy.  A copy of the policies declaration will be required at the time of move-in.

Note: The published rent and fee schedule reflects a 3% “Cash Discount” payment. A “Cash Discount” payment is payment by check, certified Check or Cashiers Check. Payment by cash and/or money order is not accepted.

*Market rents and qualifications subject to change without notice.

Click Here to Download the Rental Application.

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